The Quickest Way to Start Selling

Stop thinking that selling needs to be complicated or costly. Download ExchangeWP to start selling your first product or service today!



Manage Your Cart with Ease

Managing your cart has never been easier. Just select a payment gateway and choose your cart settings all on a single page.

Payment Gateways

ExchangeWP has all the major payment gateways. Use your favorite or one we recommend.

One-Page Checkout

Keep your customers happy with a single-page, uncomplicated checkout process.


Sell Your Stuff

You already create great products. Make it easy to get them in the hands of your customers. Whether is selling a product, course or memberships, ExchangeWP makes it easy to for your customers to get what they need while keeping it easy for you.


The Digital Downloads add-on allows you to easily set download expirations, apply product availability dates and even hide the source file URLs.


Selling courses online is super simple with the membership add-on. You can drip content out or give your users access to all the course material. 



Partners to Your Success

Video Tutorials

Quick and Short tutorial videos to learn Exchange functionality

Step-by-Step Documentation

Easy to follow instructions for Exchange and our Add-ons.

Support Helpdesk

For add-on customers, get timely support whenever you need it.

Slack Channel

Always available access to the community and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get ExchangeWP?

You can download it right from your wp-admin by searching for 'ExchangeWP' or you can visit the Plugin Repository to download it.

How Do I Setup My Store Page/Display My Products?

You don't have to do anything! If you go to, you'll see any products you created displayed there. You can change the title and slug of your store page in your Exchange Page settings.

Do I Have to Use a specific theme with Exchange?

No, you should be able to use Exchange with any WordPress theme.

There are occasional conflicts with other themes, most of which can be solved using the WordPress Page Type instead of the Exchange Page Type. This is changed under Settings > Pages in WP-Admin.

How Do I Change Where the User Redirects to After Logging Out?

Modify Default Redirects Add-on

Use the "Modify Default Redrects" add-on to accomplish this without editing core Exchange files.

Editing Core Exchange Code (not recommended)

By default in Exchange, when your customer logs out, they will be redirected to the Log In page. You can change this however.

To do this, go into /lib/pages/ and you'll find the class.pages.php file. On line 181 (this may vary as Exchange is updated), you'll find the start of the function that controls where the user is taken after logging out.

How Do I Create Custom Styles for Exchange?

When creating custom styles for Exchange, you won't want to edit the exchange.css file directly as any changes you make would be overwritten with an update to Exchange.

Instead, create a directory in your child theme called exchange. The directory path would look something like this: /wp-content/themes/YourTheme/exchange.

Then you'll create a file named style.css where you'll add your custom CSS, then upload the file to the exchange directory you created in your child theme.

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