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Note from AJ:

I am excited for this opportunity to continue to build on top of what iThemes has done with Exchange. I have been a long time fan of everything iThemes creates. When Cory and I started talking about the future of Exchange, I was reminded about the problems at the core it was trying to solve for; simple eCommerce, self-hosted, self-publishing. These are the very things I see Exchange continuing in.

These days, it’s very easy to get WordPress up and running so you can start blogging. But when you want to add ecommerce to the mix, it's a bit different. With big players like WooCommerce out there, it becomes too much too quickly for the average content producer to get their store up and running. Exchange is going to continue focusing on the independent publishers that want to keep the revenue they can, while providing a simplistic experience in an easy-to-use eCommerce plugin that will help them get their store online quickly.

We are thrilled and honored to be taking the reins of Exchange and want to make you part of the process as we continue to define where Exchange is going to go. Throughout the transition, we will be posting regular updates on our blog to make sure you are aware of everything that goes into transitioning a product and redefining its’ roadmap. We are excited to bring you along on that journey.

Over the coming weeks, you will see this site evolve and more information about the transition process will be communicated through email. Make sure to scroll below and subscribe for updates.

— AJ Morris, Co-Founder ExchangeWP


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